Audience seminar
Develops awareness and promotes interaction

The course - now under the direction of the Basel cultural mediators Gaby Fierz and Corinne Maier - introduces the artists' working methods on the basis of selected pieces, sharpens the view and promotes mutual exchange. On five evenings during the festival, productions will be seen and discussed together, several times also with experts who can contribute exciting perspectives from their professional world to the experience. We are looking forward to the discussions with Eliane Albisser, sociologist and former legal advisor of care migrants on "Lighter than Women", Peter Fuhr, specialist neurologist FMH, consultant & head of special consultation hours for movement disorders at the University Hospital Basel (on "Chinchilla asshole what what") and with Katharina Georgi, art historian and art mediator at the Kunstmuseum Basel (on "True Copy").


Fri. 28.8. > 7 pm
Kristina Norman: Lighter Than Woman

Sun. 30.8. > 6 pm
Rimini Protokoll: Chinchilla Arsehole, eyey

Tues. 1.9. > 7 pm
François Gremaud: Phèdre!

Wed. 2.9. > 9 pm
Cirque Trottola: Campana

Sun. 6.9. > 5 pm
Lola Arias and Theater Basel: Selbstportrait
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