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Zerstreuung jetzt!

Ein internationales Radioballett

In cooperation with Polyfon Festival Basel and Kaschemme Basel, the Theatre Festival once again invites the public to attend LIGNA's performance "Zerstreuung jetzt!" on Saturday, 5 September 2020 from 5.30 to 6.30 pm on the Marktplatz Basel. The audience performance in a public space reminds us that, especially in times of social distancing and isolation, joint action in solidarity is now more important than ever before.

Scattered around Marktplatz Basel, participants simultaneously listen to a choreography through headphones. They will be instructed to perform certain gestures and movements developed by twelve international artists chosen by LIGNA. As the participants perform the gestures of these foreign bodies, their own bodies are transformed into a place of encounter with «the others».

«Zerstreuung jetzt!» reflects the changes brought about by the pandemic, their impact on public space and the bodies of individuals – as a proposal for a different way of living together and caring for one another, even across national borders and continents.

«Der Zuschauer ist immer Akteur und wird durch sein Engagement im Raum zum Teil eines Kollektivs, Teil der (Performance-)Produktion. Für die öffentliche Umgebung wiederum wird er – vor allem in der Gesamtheit der Gruppe – zur unwägbaren Irritation.» (

A co-production of Theaterfestival Basel, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and the Hessian State Ballet Company as part of the Tanzplattform Rhein-Main, Zürcher Theater Spektakel and Tanz im August/HAU Hebbel am Ufer.

Production, directing, text: LIGNA (Ole Frahm, Michael Hüners, Torsten Michaelsen)
With contributions from: Alejandro Ahmed, Bhenji Ra, Dana Yahalomi/public movement, Edna Jaime, Eisa Jocson, Bebe Miller, Geumhyung Jeong, Mamela Nyamza, Maryam Bagheri, Nesami & Mitra Ziaee Kia, Melati Suryodarmo, Raquel Meseguer, Yuya Tsukahara/contact Gonzo
Voice: Harvey Friedmann, Mareike Hein, Laura Hicks, Ingo Tomi und die Beitragenden
Choreografic advice: Laura Hicks
NEW DATE: Sat. 05.09. > 5.30 pm - 6.30pm
Marktplatz Basel
Run time: 60 minutes, please arrive 30 minutes before the start of the performance.
Language: German and English via headphones
Free admission
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