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Manuela Infante
Chile | Theatre

Wie alles endet

The end is an invention. Time and space are infinite and nature operates through cycles. But humans, especially in the west, always want a happy ending. Or a tragic one. The main thing is an ending. But what is the political role of the ubiquitous and omnipresent stories about the end of the world? Why is it so hard to even imagine a story without an ending? Chilean director Manuela Infante is an expert at staging complex theoretical questions in a sensual way. Her works tell stories in an unusual, usually non-linear fashion – but always with a fine sense of humour.

Concept & Staging: Manuela Infante
Performers: Elmira Bahrami, Marie Löcker und Gala Othero Winter Stage Manager: Rocío Hernandez
Costumes: Viktoria Semperboni
Composition: Diego Noguera
Light: Stefan Erny, Roland Heid
Guest Dramaturgy: Camila Francisca Valladares Farrú
Dramaturgy: Kris Merken
Sat 3.9. > 8 pm
Sun 4.9 > 7 pm
Theater Basel, Kleine Bühne
Duration: 85 mins
Language: German
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