Florentina Holzinger
Austria | Dance/Performance


Florentina Holzinger’s performances enjoy cult status. For the past decade, the Austrian artist has been crossing traditional genre boundaries and overcoming gender clichés while dissecting traditional dance and theatre narratives. Her spectacular performances incorporate dizzying acrobatics, muscular women’s bodies and martial art fight scenes. Pop cultural references and a penchant for trash are not forgotten in her works either.

The framework for her latest work «TANZ» is provided by a ballet class under the direction of Beatrice Cordua, the first ballerina to perform «Le sacre du printemps» naked. The performers undergo rigorous training, the so-called «Sylphic Studies». In joint rituals, they learn to master their bodies and minds. A quest for perfection during which the gross is transformed into the sublime. In an operatic setting, brutal parodies of sensationalist images emerge, as seen in ballet, comedy and pornography. With a cast of women, aged between twenty and eighty, all of whom have various backgrounds in dance, this piece raises the question of the legacy of dance: How can the cult of beauty, inherent in this tradition, be reconciled?

«Slapstick, splatter, surreal scenes, pauses, polyphonic a-capella, high-wire acrobatics on motocross bikes suspended from the fly tower, breathtaking, yet well-articulated stunts result in outstanding theatre.»

Please note: Some scenes contain acts of self-harming which may upset some members of the audience.
Concept/Performance/Choreography: Florentina Holzinger
Performance by and with: Renée Copraij, Beatrice Cordua, Evelyn Frantti, Lucifire, Annina Machaz, Netti Nüganen, Suzn Pasyon, Laura Stokes, Veronica Thompson, Lydia Darling
Video design: Josefin Arnell
Live camera: Jessyca R. Hauser
Sound design/Live sound:Stefan Schneider
Light design/Technical director:: Anne Meeussen
Fri. 4.9. > 9 pm

Sat. 5.9. > 7 pm
Theater Basel, Schauspielhaus
Run time: 120 minutes, without an interval
Language: English with German supertitles
Age: 18+
Tickets: CHF 45/25 (plus advance sale fee)
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Masterclass «ETUDE» with Florentina Holzinger
A cooperation with Tanzbüro Basel

5.9. > 11 am
Rehearsal Room Stadt Basel, Signalstrasse 33

The participation is free of charge.
The Masterclass is aimed at professional dancers.
Attention: limited number of participants!
Registration: cadonau@theaterfestival.ch