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Puppentheater Ljubljana
Slovenia | Puppet Theatre

Irgendwo anders (Somewhere else)

Slovenia’s best-known puppet theatre presents a touching story about the absurdity of war and its horrors – as perceived through the eyes of a child. With the aid of animated chalk drawings, the main character – a little girl – takes us on a journey into her dramatically changing world, which is marked by violence and fear. But there is also hope. «Irgendwo anders» addresses a highly sensitive issue – but it tells the story in such an endearing and likeable way that it also becomes accessible to a young audience.

The Ljubljana Puppet Theatre offers puppet and theatre performances for children, young people and adults. The theatre was founded in 1948 as the Municipal Puppet Theatre and has been based in the Mestni Dom on Krekov Square since 1984. In its work, the theatre continues the hundred-year-old tradition of Slovenian puppetry. The theatre has five permanent and several smaller, occasional venues. Fifteen premieres take place in these venues every year, which are attended by around 110,000 spectators.

Here is a video clip that introduces the work of the theatre.

Slovenian director Tin Grabner switches between genres and has worked on both theatre and film productions. Grabnar has received a number of awards internationally for his puppet theatre productions, especially for «Irgendwo anders» .

Authors: Zala Dobovšek, Nina Šorak, Tin Grabnar, Asja Kahrimanović Babnik
Director: Tin Grabnar
Performer: Ajda Toman
Art Design: Matija Medved
Stop-Motion Animation Designers: Matija Medved, Lea Vučko
Thur 1.9. > 10.30 am (School performance)
Fri 2.9. > 10.30 am (School performance)
Sat 3.9. > 5 pm
Sun 4.9. > 11 am

Duration: 45 minutes
Language: German
Age: from 7 years
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