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In the field of visual arts, a self-portrait is a portrait of the artist by the artist. In the theatre, actors usually portray people who have been written and staged by someone else. But how would actors portray themselves?

Based on a personal story, an experience or a specific obsession, seven actors from the Theater Basel ensemble develop their own self-portrait. In it they reveal something about themselves that has hitherto remained hidden: A family history of the cars you have owned and lost; an essay about death and grief inspired by the loss of your mother; a story about bullying, friendship and forgiveness. The performances allow you to see the actors in a new light. This time they decide what to show and what to hide. They explain what has made them who they are today and what stories have been written into their bodies – bodies that they usually use to represent the stories of others.

Friday 4.9. 2020 > 7 to 9 pm, including 1 break

Shape(d) of you

A lecture performance inspired by a turbulent and short biography of Barbara Colceriu. A story about medical appointments, bullying, talent, surgeries, desires and encounters that can change our lives forever – for better or worse.
Pianist: Anna Bauer


Jörg Pohl gets to the bottom of his mysterious affinity towards falling and meets an old competitor. A story about rise and fall in showbiz.

Saturday 5.9. 2020 > 8 to 10 pm, including 1 break

Tout comprendre c’est tout pardonner

While packing for her return to Basel, Anne Haug finds a letter written by a former schoolmate. A story about old enemies, a terrible revenge plan and an answer long overdue.

Forever old

Andrea Bettini, a veteran at Theater Basel and at 60 years old is the oldest member of the ensemble. After having died more than 55 times on stage, he confronts the challenges of getting old and prepares his own death.

Sunday 6.9. 2020 > 5 to 7 pm, including 2 breaks

With a never-ending carousel in which cars are the passengers, Elmira Bahrami sets out on a journey back to distant lands, dreams and vehicles that no longer exist.

Mit Rosa muss man rechnen

A financial and emotional balance of the last three months and 25 years. A personal archive of money that flies over family stories, precarious works and guilty pleasures.

The parting glass
Julian Anatol Schneider investigates his restlessness by approaching his mother’s book “Let’s talk about death” and what it means for him to return home after this big loss.
(Thanks to SRF for providing the excerpts of the interview with Kathryin Schneider-Gurewitsch and to Limmat-Verlag for their trust in the manuscript of the book "Let’s talk about death" which was published this April.)

A co-production of Theater Basel and Basel Theatre Festival
Conceived and curated by: Lola Arias
Performances from: Andrea Bettini, Anne Haug, Barbara Colceriu, Elmira Bahrami, Jörg Pohl, Julian Schneider and Rosa Lembeck
Produced by: Laura Cecilia Nicolás Assistant director: Franz Broich
Fr 4.9. > 7 to 8.40 pm, including 1 break
Barbara Colceriu | Jörg Pohl

Sat 5.9. > 8 to 10pm, 7 to 10pm, including 1 break
Anne Haug | Andrea Bettini

So 6.9. > 5 to 7pm, including 2 breaks
Elmira Bahrami | Rosa Lembeck | Julian Anatol Schneider

Kaserne Basel, meeting point: Ticket office
Each performance can only be seen once.

Language: German
Tickets: CHF 35/20 (plus advance sale fee)
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