François Gremaud
Switzerland | Theatre

A play by François Gremaud
based on Jean Racine

Jean Racine was one of the greatest tragedians of the classic era in France and the tragedy «Phèdre» (1677) was his last and arguably finest drama about love. Numerous directors have already worked on this flagship work of the French literary canon, and there have been many famous productions. But has there ever been a version brimming with such enthusiasm and wit as the one by François Gremaud and Romain Daroles?

Alone in an almost empty room – armed only with a book and a burning passion for acting – the French actor plays all the characters himself: He is Queen Phèdre and in the next moment her missing husband Theseus, he then turns into his son Hippolytus, with whom Phèdre is secretly in love, and also Hippolytus’ beloved Aricia. And as if that were not enough, he also plays the entire court. He takes his audience on a fast-paced ride through the five acts, unravelling with relish the complex plots and intrigues and fervently exposing the beauty of the verse form. It is extremely comical and yet very touching. A declaration of love to a classic and a hymn to the power of theatre. What a performance!

«The most enjoyable 105 minutes of theatre for a very long time.»

(Theater heute)
Concept, staging: François Gremaud
With: Romain Daroles
Texts: François Gremaud, based on Jean Racine
Staging assistant: Mathias Brossard
Lighting: Stéphane Gattoni
German subtitles: SUBTEXT, Dòra Kapusta
Mon. 31.8. > 7 pm
Tues. 1.9. > 7 pm

Theater Basel, Schauspielhaus
Run time: 105 minutes
Language: French with German supertitles
Tickets: CHF 35/20 (plus advance booking fees)
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