Outdoor Parcours
A performative tour of Basel

We are taking you to a walk around the city on Saturday and Sunday, stopping off at various points where you can experience special performances. The route begins on the banks of the Rhine in Birsfelden and leads from the industrial landscape of the Kraftwerkinsel Birsfelden to the art space of Museum Tinguely and new to junges theater basel. Experience an exciting panorama of diverse performative strategies by international artists who invite us to question habitual patterns of perception and to take a look at things from a new perspective.

Yasmine Hugonnet
Switzerland | Dance/Installation


At the start of the route, Swiss choreographer Yasmine Hugonnet welcomes her audience on the Kraftwerkinsel Birsfelden. «Extensions» is the title of her latest work and reflects the content of the programme: Out in the open, twelve young women dance around as part of an installation alongside the Rhine, creating images that explore and expand the perception of those watching: What is near, what is far? What is similar, what is different? What connects us, what keeps us apart?

Khouloud Yassine
Lebanon | Dance/Installation

Heroes – Surface of a Revolution

The Lebanese choreographer, dancer and actress also questions existing visual worlds. In her solo work «Heroes – Surface of a Revolution», she examines the human body as a medium for exercising power. From pop star to dictator, she shows how a person’s body can become a symbol of power, how attributes such as strength, intellect, charisma, and sexuality give individual people authority over others – and what it actually looks like when these features gradually dissolve.

Volmir Cordeiro & Washington Timbó
Brasilien/Frankreich | Dance


The route ends at junges theater basel: The Paris-based Brazilian dancer Volmir Cordeiro embodies distinctive characters from a metropolitan universe: Bodies and faces he has encountered in the streets. The choreography, accompanied live by intense drum music, was inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s poetry of war (The ABC of War, 1954) and explores the tension in permanent metamorphosis between states coupled with violence, pain, vulnerability and resistance.
Sun. 30.8. > 3 pm
Kraftwerkinsel Birsfelden

Heroes – Surface of a Revolution
Sun. 30.8. > 4 pm
Museum Tinguely, Basel

Sun. 30.8. > 5 pm

Run time: Approx. 120 minutes in total
Language: Without words Free admission
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