Mariano Pensotti
Argentina | Theatre

Los Años

In «Los Años», Argentine author and director Mariano Pensotti is at his brilliant storytelling best. He manages to create a home for his characters on two time levels in a theatrical split screen. In a curiously funny and tragically sad way, this performance tells the story of a documentary film-maker who, 30 years after his breakthrough, attempts to make sense of his relationship with family and friends. Both on the level of biographical hope and social utopia – «Los Años» promises to be a moving evening that addresses the fatal differences between who we think we might become and who we really become.

Tour in cooperation with Zürcher Theater Spektakel, La Bâtie-Festival de Genève and Noorderzon Festival Groningen

«Clever, multi-layered, touching: Mariano Pensotti inspires [...] with a play about time.»

(Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)
Text and direction: Mariano Pensotti
Cast: Marcelo Subiotto, Mara Bestelli, Bárbara Masso, Paco Gorriz, Julian Keck
Musician: Guillermina Etkin
Set and costume design: Mariana Tirantte
Music: Diego Vainer
Driver, Setter: Eva Salom
Translation: Franziska Muche (into German), Ian Barnett (into English)
Wed 24.8. > 8.30 pm
Thur 25.8. > 7 pm
Theater Basel
Duration: 105 minutes
Language: Spanish with German and English subtitles
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