Kristina Norman
Estland | Lecture Performance

Lighter Than Woman

«Lighter Than Woman» tells of the overcoming of gravity – literally and figuratively. It presents Italy's only female astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti; a woman who has literally overcome gravity in space. At the same time, the audience becomes acquainted with various Ukrainian women who live in Italy and take care of elderly relatives for their families. In numerous interviews with those affected, it becomes clear how the domestic workers help to ease the burden and allow the old people to live out their remaining years with their families – but also how challenging this life is for them: Torn between their own families in the Ukraine and their new home in Italy, many are trapped in a vexing limbo that has to be overcome each and every day.

In her installative and often site-specific works, the Tallinn-based artist and documentary filmmaker Kristina Norman combines her two artistic activities to create touching, poetic documentary performances.

«Kristina Norman is undoubtedly one of the most controversial and versatile Estonian artists of the 21st century.»

(Art territory)
By and with: Kristina Norman
With: Isadora Angelini, Ivana Abbondanza, Halina Fomiceva, Liubov Sandulovych, Nataliya Sandu, Victoria Bilivska, Mariia Filonenko, Mayya Romashchenko, Rina Pancaldi
Dramaturgy: Laur Kaunissaare
Camera, live performance: Erik Norkroos
Fri. 28.8. > 7 pm
Sat. 29.8. > 7 pm in Dornach

Run time: 90 minutes
Language: English, Italian, Russian and Estonian with Englisch and German supertitles
Tickets: CHF 35/20 (plus advance sale fee)