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Camille Boitel / Cie L’immédiat
France | Short Play / Contemporary Circus

La lévitation réelle

French circus artist Camille Boitel is an acrobat, dancer, actor and musician all rolled into one. «La lévitation réelle» is a 15-minute short performance designed for public spaces. At its heart is an intensive examination of weight and the changes it experiences through movement: letting yourself fall. Four characters come together in the city centre to create a performance that takes reality, twists it and addresses the audience directly.

In cooperation with Kunsttage Basel

Concept & Choreography : Camille Boitel
Assistant director & Outside eye : Sève Bernard
Performance: Hemda Ben Zvi, Vincent Briere, Johnson Saint-Felix, Voleak Ung
Technical management: Stéphane Graillot
Production management: Elsa Blossier und Agathe Fontaine
Thur 1.9.
4 pm – 4.25 pm – 4.50 pm and
7 pm – 7.25 pm – 7.50 pm
Rheinpromenade at kHaus

Fri 2.9.
4 pm – 4.25 pm – 4.50 pm and
7 pm – 7.25 pm – 7.50 pm,
Rheinpromenade at kHaus

Duration: 15 minutes
Language: Without words
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