Expédition Suisse – Lab
Netzwerk zum Austausch zwischen Kulturschaffenden und Veranstaltenden

The «Expédition Suisse» network of event organisers (Théâtre de Vidy, Gessnerallee Zürich, Dampfzentrale Bern, Theater Chur, Kaserne Basel, St-Gervais-Genève, LAC, Schlachthaus Theater Bern and FIT-Lugano) last year began an exchange with selected Swiss artists to promote cooperation between event organisers and people involved in culture and arts. The meetings planned in recent months unfortunately had to be cancelled, and the theatre festival is, therefore, particularly pleased to be able to host the following participants of Expédition Suisse – Lab: Sarafina Beck, Lola Giouse, Asa Stina Hendry, Natascha Moschini, Daniela Ruocco, Simon Senn und Simon Waldvogel. Project management & moderation: Jessica Huber. coordination: Lauren Dallenbach.

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