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Lia Rodrigues / Companhia de Danças
Brazil | Dance


When Lia Rodrigues, one of the most important South American choreo- graphers, and her Companhia de Danças tell of being enchanted, the most diverse beings come together in an incredible energetic dance. Movements travel from one body to the next, water becomes centipede becomes mushroom. Enchanted − encantado − the world beyond human category thinking comes into its own. The multi-award winning Brazilian choreographer has been using movement for more than 40 years to break down barriers, thereby ensuring art is within everyone’s reach and encouraging more inclusion and diversity.

«Beautiful, inspired, significant, Encantado is the perfect example of Lia Rodrigues’ talent to remind us of the pure beauty of natural connections, against artificiality.»

(Springback Magazine)

Creation: Lia Rodrigues
Danced and created in close collaboration by: Leonardo Nunes, Carolina Repetto, Valentina Fittipaldi, Andrey da Silva, Larissa Lima, Ricardo Xavier, David Abreu, Tiago Oliveira, Raquel Alexandre, Felipe Vieira Vian, Dandara Patroclo
Also created by: Joana Lima and Matheus Macena
Choreographic Assistant: Amalia Lima
Dramaturgy: Silvia Soter
Artistic collaboration and images: Sammi Landweer
Thurs 25.8. > 9 pm
Fri 26.8. > 9 pm
Kaserne Basel, Reithalle
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: without words
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