Switzerland | Narrative and object theatre for a young audience

The Neverending Story
by Michael Ende

Has anyone not heard of the stirring story of a shy boy called Bastian Balthasar Bux, who travels to the magical land of Fantastica by means of a mysterious book? Unforgettable how Bastian, together with Atreyu, a young green-skinned warrior, and Falkor, a luckdragon, helps to save the empire of the Childlike Empress from the rapid approach of The Nothing. The children’s fantasy novel «The Neverending Story» by Michael Ende is now 40 years old and could not be brought to life better than by this production of the award-winning Swiss theatre company Kolypan. Fabienne Hadorn and Gustavo Nanez are true specialists when it comes to telling great stories simply and effectively!

In an audacious mixture of enthralling narrative and object theatre, the two undaunted performers dive head first into countless role and costume changes, fight their way through trashy sceneries, weird slapstick and fast-paced narratives, call on the active help of the audience – when they are unable to do it alone – and miraculously never lose sight of those calming and magical moments despite being in the midst of chaos.

An event in cooperation of Theaterfestival Basel, junges theater basel, Palazzo Liestal, Kulturforum Laufen and Vorstadttheater Basel

«This is not congenial, but, for once may the word be permitted: Ingenious.»

A Kolypan production by and with: Fabienne Hadorn & Gustavo Nanez
Direction: Barbara Terpoorten
Dramaturgy: Niklaus Helbling
Assistance: Hélène Hüsler
Setting: Sara Giancane
Thu. 27.8. > 6 pm
Fri. 28.8. > 6 pm

Theater Palazzo Liestal
Palazzo Liestal

Sun. 30.8. > 5 pm
Kulturzentrum Alts Schlachthuus, Laufen

Sat. 5.9. > 5 pm
Sun. 6.9. > 11 am

junges theater basel
Run time: 75 minutes
Language: German and dialect
Recommended for ages 7+
Tickets: CHF 35/20/10 (plus advance booking fees)
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