Cirque Trottola
France | Circus/New Circus


Welcome, Bienvenue, to Cirque Trottola! For almost twenty years, Bonaventure Gacon and Titoune, together with their team, have been inventing a unique, anarchically burlesque world inside the ring of their fantastic circus tent, which is re-designed and re-implemented based on the respective performance. The audience in the small arena is always up close and personal with the performers – and sometimes perhaps almost too close!

The latest performance «Campana» is a fantastic experience for the whole family. In a crazy blend of surrealistic fairground theatre and poetic dream aesthetics, the hairy giant Bonaventure and the petite androgynous Titoune perform virtuoso acrobatic feats. Breath-taking flights of fancy on the trapeze and powerful balancing acts alternate with poignant clown scenes and amazing magical dream images that tell of the ups and downs of being human. This mismatched pair is accompanied by two awesome live musicians who, singing and playing self-invented instruments, create the wacky, tumultuous and rebellious circus sound that makes this evening so special. In the end, the whole thing becomes literally larger than life and goes beyond all expectations.

An event in cooperation of Theaterfestival Basel, Station Circus and International Circus Festival YOUNG STAGE Basel

«Beauty to cry for!»

(Le Temps)
Creation: Artists of Cirque Trottola
On the ring: Titoune & Bonaventure Gacon
Musicians: Thomas Barrière & Bastien Pelenc
Lights & Sound: Joachim Gacon-Douard
Ring girl: Jeanne Maigne
Sat. 29.8. > 9 pm
Sun. 30.8. > 8 pm
Tues. 1.9. > 9 pm
Wed. 2.9. > 9 pm

In the tent of Cirque Trottola, Rosentalanlage
Run time: 90 minutes
Language: Small amount of French/No special language skills required
Recommended for ages 10+
Tickets: CHF 35/20 (plus advance booking fees)
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