The programme is here!

Dear guests!

We are delighted to invite you to this year's edition of the Theaterfestival Basel. Over the past two years, the pandemic has had a huge impact on the cultural sector. Setting up and organising an international festival under these circumstances was never going to be easy, as travelling to view new productions was basically impossible. Fortunately, three new international curators joined our programme team last year and their expertise has enriched the programme and broadened our perspectives tremendously.

The past couple of years have also witnessed the emergence of numerous serene works that bristle with capricious energy yet express deep tenderness. At the same time, artists became immersed in collective, grandiose and delicately sensuous works that offer a seductive and captivating dance experience. And of course, there are also the enchantingly playful, enjoyable, circus-influenced productions that, for the first time this year, will also be on show across the border in France.

We look forward to welcoming and inspiring you at our brand-new festival centre on the Kaserne site and hope you will take the opportunity to chat to the artists and us about the creative processes.

Your Festival Team
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