Festival centre at Kaserne Basel







The festival centre was 2018 once more offering a place to rest and enjoy yourself. Over the period of half a year students of the Institute of Interior Design and Scenography of HGK | FHNW have worked on a new design and its realisation. This way a new centrepiece of the festival emerges – the ideal place to clink glasses between the shows, cosily rest and pleasurably complete your visit to the festival.




Guidance Workshop and Realisation: André Haarscheidt und Bernhard Schweizer

Students: Sonja Bissig, Luana Bürki, Artemi Bütler, Esra Fidan, Gina Furrer, Jana Furrer, Joël Gasser, Rebecca Grossen, Vanessa Halbheer, Nicole Hanimann, Naima Heim, Nicole Imhof, Chrischanth John Wiltor, Noémie Käppeli, Yves Kern, Lukas Kupfer, Sophia Madörin, Charlotte Martin, Myriam Müller, Moritz Niederhauser, Lara Ponta, Joslyne Ramazani, Luana Silbernagel, Jan Studer, Rahel Studer, Selina Rosa Weber, Stéphanie Thouvay, Selina Weber


Video: Model Theaterfestival Basel

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