12 days full of dance, theatre, nouveau cirque, performance and everything in between. 18 productions from 12 countries, at least one premiere per day, over 50 shows - a tight program for only 12 days.

All the productions in detail.




You want to get even closer?

During a house visit our dramaturg Niklaus Bein und our festival director Tobias Brenk will tell you what you really can’t miss this year. Invite 10 of your friends and prepare the wine glasses – we’ll take care of the content. To fix a date just write to info@theaterfestival.ch with the subject matter: „house visit“


We want your Topfpflanze! We’re constantly looking for the production «Garden State» for everything the balcony or window sill has to offer; from large hibiscus to orchid, from coffee plant to sprawling basil. Send us an email from today on and register your plant (gardenstate@gmx.ch). We’ll pick up and return your plants in September. During their week’s break, a gardener will make sure the plants receive the best care possible.