Impressions of Theaterfestival Basel 2016 by Guillaume Musset



The next edition of Theaterfestival Basel will take place between 29 August and 9 September 2018.

You can look forward to a varied program with productions from all over the world. From Theater, dance and performance to installations and participatory projects - there will be much to discover at all the venues and public spaces across Basel and its surroundings.

Tickets are available within the programme release on 19 June 2018.



«Days of discoveries, days of abundance» 

Stephan Reuter, Basler Zeitung, 22 June 2016


«The world comes to Basel for 13 days, showcasing what is happening in the international art scene.» 

Susanna Petrin, Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, 22 June 2016