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That was Theaterfestival Basel 2016. Thank you for your support, curiosity and loyalty !



1 September 2016 

Shakespeare for all: 3 for 2!


The Shakespearefestival within Theaterfestival Basel is on!

From now on you can get 3 tickets for the price of 2 for Forced Entertainment's «Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare». Only at the ticket container at Kaserne Basel and the box office before each show at junges theater basel.

 You can now watch the complete works online. Watch the Livestream here.


August 2016

English Programme at Theaterfestival Basel


This year’s programme is brilliantly suited for all English speakers out there. First and foremost: Forced Entertainment is presenting «Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare» where they will showcase every single one of the authors works – boiled down to the essence. But in fact more than half of the shows are in English, with English surtitles or without words. Here is a small guide to help you navigate through the extensive programme:


Shows in English: Sound of MusicComplete Works: Table Top Shakespeare

Theatre with English surtitles: The blind poetMDLSXThe Apocalypse

Theatre without words: Things Easily ForgottenThe CardinalsFace Nord

Dance: JaguarAerobics!Boom BodiesSous leurs pieds, le paradis



16 August 2016 

Festival Centre Piece at Kaserne Basel


The scenographers have arrived at Kaserne Basel, the wooden planks have been delivered, the air is filled with the sound of saws and drills. In less than two week they will build a festival centre piece extraordinair. We will post regular updates and pictures on Facebook and Twitter. THANK YOU to all the scenographers and to the Institute of Interior Design and Scenography from the Academy of Art and Design.



«Days of discoveries, days of abundance»

 Stephan Reuter, Basler Zeitung, 22 June 2016


«The world comes to Basel for 13 days, showcasing what is happening in the international art scene.»

Susanna Petrin, Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, 22 June 2016



July 2016

First shows are sold out already!


It is worth it to try the box office one hour before each show.



28 June 2016

If you did not find the time until now to go through the extensive programme of this year's Theaterfestival Basel,
here you can find a little guide to help you navigate:


For the whole family:

«Face Nord»


21 June 2016 

Only until Thursday, 30 June you can benefit from our Early-Bird-Tickets for only CHF 25/15.


Theaterfestival Basel ist presenting 13 days, from 30 August until 11 September 2016, fully packed with exquisite shows from all over the world. Dance and theater, performances and nouveau cirque, installations as well as films: 20 productions from 17 countries - well exceeding 100 shows - will provide you with the surprises and challenges that life and the arts have to offer in times of everchanging crises.



June 2016

The readiness is all!


Hamlet is torn, haunted by doubt and unsure, if he should duel with Laertes. His fear seems without reason, for "if it be now, ’tis not to come. If it be not to come, it will be now. If it be not now, yet it will come—the readiness is all."